torstai 24. toukokuuta 2012

Blogathon, Day 24: In The Land Of Submarines

I've seen and experienced a lot today. 

For the first time in my life I've visited a submarine. Fortunately, Lembit was not under water but safely in Seaplane Harbour in Tallinn, Estonia. It still was claustrophobic enough for me. Hands down - guys working in submarines most be the toughest human beings on the planet. 

I took these two poor photos with my phone but I can assure you - this place is worth visiting. The building itself is amazing. No need to be especially interested in maritime or war history. There's plenty of other things to see and feel. There were also many nice details. For example the silverware used in the museum cafeteria was replica of the silverware used in Lembit the submarine. 

By now you are all singing Beatles, right? Happy news: there is a yellow submarine in the museum, too. 

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