lauantai 12. toukokuuta 2012

Blogathon, Day 12: Coffee Times They Are A-Changing

I spent my quota of dollars at Starbucks while living in Silicon Valley. You pretty fast get used to the routine of buying your coffee on the go.

For a European cafeteria lover the American way of sipping your caffeine while running errands is somewhat uncomprehendable.

I guess for many Europeans, me included, it's a bit hard to understand why you couldn't stop for a second for a coffee, sit by a table, let the waitress bring you your latte and just keep that iPhone in your purse. Inhale, exhale, enjoy.

I've heard that American coffee-on-the-go culture has become more popular also in my country of origin, Finland, and especially in the capital, Helsinki. And yes, the green mermaid is there, too. 

I moved to Estonia 2008 and as far as I can remember there weren't very many grab-and-go cafes in the capital, Tallinn

Now, four years later, I'm surprised to see how many spots for example a chain called Coffee-In has in the town. And I really see people walking on the streets with their paper cups. 

Hell, this is wrong. Tallinn is a town with long cafeteria traditions. For example cafe Maiasmokk has been operating at the same location since 1864.

Tallinn and Estonia could survive without all that hurrying and paper waste.

(In the picture you can see my cup of tea.)

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