perjantai 18. toukokuuta 2012

Blogathon, Day 18: Moments When You Hate Estonia

I like living in Estonia. Otherwise me and my family wouldn't have been here this long.

But there is no perfect place in the world and I sometimes sure hate my country of living.

In Estonia, customer service usually sucks. Unfortunately there's no prettier word to describe it.

We got friends from Finland for visit and went to a restaurant to have dinner. Four adults, four children. The oldest kid was five years old.

We placed our orders. We got our appetizers and drinks fast. Everything looked promising even though the waitress didn't bother to smile or show any kind of friendliness. She was just working.

Pretty soon us adults got our main dishes. We were happy: we didn't need to wait very long and we were sure that kids would get their meals at the same time. Of course it would have been better if the children would get their meals first, but well, sometimes restaurants just can't make it.

After this our blood pressure just continued rising. There was no sign of kids' meals. My husband asked the waitress for the first time. The response was, with a stone-faced look on her face: "they are not ready yet".

Well no shit, Sherlock!

We adults were already finished with our meals. Still nothing for kids.

My husband asked the waitress for the second time. She gave no clear explanation for the situation but asked colleague of hers to come to talk with us.

The colleague came and said that the portions we had ordered for our children couldn't be made. Dear Lord I was about to get a heart attack because of anger! They could have said this like, ummm, half an hour earlier!

The waitress said that they could prepare something else in few minutes. Would it be ok for us? Even though we felt we just want to run out from the restaurant cursing we decided to take the risk. What can we do, kids were hungry.

Finally kids got something to eat.

Needless to say there wasn't much tips left on the table nor nice words said to the personnel. We didn't heard any apology from the waitresses' side.

How terribly, unbelievably wrong you can do your job? How totally you can forget all the basic things of friendly human behaviour?

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