sunnuntai 20. toukokuuta 2012

Blogathon, Day 20: My 6 Rules For Blogging

After some years as a blogger I think I've created myself some kind of rules of blogging. I guess there's nothing exceptional in my list. These are just things that I've found most important to keep blogging enjoyable.

1. Be yourself. Write in a way that's natural for you. Don't use words that you wouldn't use in real life. Keep your own style, whatever it is. I have unsucceeded massively when I've tried to write somehow "fancier".

2. It's good to have a plan for your blogging - but it's not necessary. I blog when I feel like blogging. Works for me.

3. Use photos. Small thing, huge effect. This is the rule I unfortunately break most often.

4. Best posts are written fast and in flow. It's funny, sometimes writing even a pretty long post can take just a few minutes. You have everything ready in your mind. These posts usually don't need very many re-reads (of course it's good to check typos).

5. When you're having the flow moment, enjoy it, write many posts and schedule them to be published later. I do this a lot. I'm a mother of two little kids and I never know when I'm going to have a peaceful moment for writing. When I eventually get it, I try to write as many posts as possible. Most of my posts (this included) are written between 9 - 11 PM when I'm waiting for my kids to fall asleep.

6. Have your notebook, pen and/or smart phone available everywhere you go. Blogging ideas don't ask for time or place. Do yourself a favor - write them down.

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  1. These are many of my same rules. I especially saw myself when you wrote about "the flow". Isn't it wonderful when you are in that flow? Almost magical. Too bad my "flow" seems to be single minded - it never lasts long enough for multiple posts.

  2. bookworm, flow is greatest of all. Time just flies. You need to train your flow to last for longer :)


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