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Blogathon, Day 13: Tallinn Seen From The Ambassador's Balcony

Yesterday, on the 12th of May, the Embassy of Finland in Tallinn, Estonia opened its door to everyone. The residence of the ambassador is normally not open to public.

The Finnish Embassy is located on one of the best spots in town, just on the top of Toompea Hill. There's a great view over the town from the balcony of the embassy. 

Roofs of medieval Tallinn. 

More roofs

Enough of the views. "Mommy, I want back inside!" 

Inside the residence.  

"Show me the pigs!!"

We Finns have our Nokia but right now The Big Thing is Angry Birds. Happy to see how well the propeller heads at Rovio have succeeded. Finnish playground manufacturer Lappset is doing great, too. 

These two have started cooperation and I guess there will be quite many AB playgrounds around the world pretty soon. The swinging red bird got tested by my daughter on the embassy yard. Lappset (btw, the Finnish word "lapset" means "children") just opened a new factory in Estonia

Here you can get a glimpse of the port of Tallinn. There's a huge cruise ship traffic between Estonia and Finland. 
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