maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012

Blogathon, Day 7: Theme Day #1

I already posted in Finnish today but since it's Blogathon and the first Theme Day, let me write down a few words in English, too.


During Blogathon there are some Theme Days when we participants are encouraged to write about the same theme.

The first theme is "5 Movies That Have Inspired My Blogging".

Nope. This theme doesn't work for me. I can't name any movie that would have inspired directly my blogging. Instead, I can name four movies that have inspired me in some other way.

- The Unknown Soldier (in Finnish Tuntematon Sotilas) by director Edvin Laine. This Finnish movie is based on the book by Finnish novelist Väinö Linna. The book and the movie tell about Finnish troops in the Second World War. The book is really, really important for Finns and the movie by Laine is seen in Finnish tv at least once a year, usually on the independence day of Finland.

I was maybe 10 years old when I saw the movie for the first time (not a kids' movie at all...). It made a huge impression and I read the book right after seeing the film. Because of the book I learned to love the dialects of the Finnish language. And it somehow made me to choose Finnish language as my major at the university. So it's not very much exaggerated to say that  the film and the book made me what I am today.

Fellow Finns, I know: this choice is really blah-hah in all its cliche-ness :)

- Kill Bill I and II by Quentin Tarantino. I still don't understand how so much violence can be so beautiful. I'm not sure if I ever want to see the films again but for me the they were something totally different. A thing that is always inspiring.

- Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola. I guess moving from Finland to Estonia is not as vast a cultural shock as coming from USA to Japan. Still, the movie is sometimes like watching my own life. And when I want a good laugh I just need to start to think about Bill Murray on a cross trainer.

- Alexander by Oliver Stone. I'm still sorry that I didn't dare to leave the theatre after I'd been watching the movie for 40 minutes or so. Maybe one of the worst movies ever. It taught me that I need to be stronger and braver and just leave if I'm surrounded by something extremely boring.

Bonus track:

- Stephen Fry in America. This tv series by BBC is not a movie but I just need to add it here as a recent favorite. I watched it while living in California and enjoyed it thoroughly. I didn't travel in many states in the US so watching this series gave me a wider perspective to the country that was my home for a while. And I guess I love everything Stephen Fry does.

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  1. The re-runs of Alexander are on U.S. TV now and then, and I can't watch them. Just can't.

    Michelle Rafter

  2. Michelle, OMG, what a total waste of screen time! Stay strong and don't go too close the tv!


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